La Fidèle Production

La Fidèle is a young independent film production company. We are based in the French Basque country and focus mainly on Basque film co-productions and new talents.

In 2017, La Fidèle Production took part in Dantza, a feature film by director Telmo Esmal which was partially shot in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

As of 2021, La Fidèle Production has three international co-productions in its portfolio: Agur Etxebeste, Nora, and Akelarre.

La Fidèle Production co-produced Nora, the second feature film by director Lara Izagirre, whose well-known debut film Un otoño sin Berlín was selected for the San Sebastián Zinemaldia Festival and awarded the Goya for Best New Actress at the 2015 Goya Awards.

La Fidéle Production has collaborated with director Pablo Agüero and producers Iker Ganuza, Koldo Suasua, and Frederic Prémel in the production of the film Akelarre, distributed in France by Dulac Distribución. Akelarre was awarded the Arte International Prize at the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum of the 2017 San Sebastián Zinemaldia Festival. The film was part of the 2020 San Sebastián Zinemaldia Festival Official Selection, and the most awarded film at the 2021 Goya Awards.

La Fidèle Production also manages the Next Station laboratory, a participatory project whose aim is to produce a fiction web series in Basque, as well as to search for tomorrow’s new talents.

In 2021, La Fidèle Production produced Jokari, by directors Marc Lahore and Julieta Slaz, the only French long feature shot during 2020 first lockdown, shot and interpreted by the authors themselves.